What Are The Best BBQ Items On Restaurant Menus? Find Here!

On a boring weekend, you have decided to take the family out on a special BBQ dinner. Barbeque recipes are popular all over the globe, but even for a lot of foodies, the long list of choices can be confusing. In this post, we are discussing some of the best items you must try when you are exploring the Q39 Dinner BBQ Menu.

  • Chicken wings. Barbeque chicken wings are typically the most-sought after item on the menu. You will find most restaurants serving a version of this one, and the choice of sauces used for margination can vary, although the standard barbeque sauce is common. Chicken wings are great on the sides in particular.
  • Pork belly and sausages. If you are a fan of sausages, we recommend that you check for barbeque pork sausages over other variants. You will also find many restaurants serving barbeque-style pork belly, which is considered to be a delicacy of sorts and are often served together.
  • Beef brisket. This is considered to be classic barbeque inclusion, and it is super tasty to say the least. The meat is slow-cooked, so although the outer layer may seem like a little tough, the inner is soft, juicy. Served in cuts, beef brisket is a cult favorite, and if you are in Texas, there is no way you can have BBQ menu without this.
  • Smoked chicken. Fans of barbeque food swear by the taste of smoked meats, and nothing really beats the classic chicken, smoked and charred to perfection. Unlike other recipes, this one doesn’t take a long to cook, so you can visit a restaurant and ask for this as the first item on the barbeque menu.

  • Pork spare ribs. Glazed with honey and cooked to softness with barbeque sauce, pork spare ribs is a classic thing to try at any eatery that specializes in BBQ food items. There are variants of this one, but a touch of honey actually makes the recipe even more enjoyable.

If you are feeling more experimental, try chipotle sausages that many barbeque restaurants have on the menu, or you can try pulled pork. There are also vegetarian items to think of, but when you are at a BBQ restaurant, you want nothing but the best meats, cooked, smoked for that ultimate flavor explosion. Check online for barbeque restaurants near you and make sure to book your table way before you arrive!

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